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2011-08-03 08:01:47
BNP2TKI Kawal Kebijakan Moratorium ke Arab Saudi
Jakarta, BNP2TKI (2/8) Kepala Badan Nasi...

2011-08-03 07:59:17
33 TKI di pulangkan dari Dubai
BNP2TKI, Dubai (3/8): Konsulat Jendral R...

2011-08-03 07:56:55
Melalui Safari Ramadhan 2011 BNP2TKI mantapkan pelayanan
Jakarta, BNP2TKI (03/08) -- Puasa Ramadh...


Bunga Raya Millennium Human Capital (formally known as PT Bunga Raya Utama Karya) a company which specializing in recruiting and training of Indonesian human capital to be empowering for archiving their better future

We commit ourselves to be the human solution plaza by giving the necessary and require training which shall match with the job inquiries in overseas.

Our vision is to empowering Indonesian human capital by giving them job opportunity in overseas in which we fulfilling them first with required and necessary training by hoping after their employment contract done these human capital can become a small - medium entrepreneurship which indirectly creating a job opportunity and helping government in reducing the number of unemployment.

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